Analysis of your company's needs

Analyzing the needs to carry out fundable activities and properly planning the overall time frame to submit calls for proposals is critical. We put the client's goals and challenges at the heart of our business. A tailored funding consultancy aimed at identifying and managing incentive and funding opportunities. Our services can turn your needs into a concrete project.

Searching for funding opportunities

Our non-repayable contribution consulting services are tailored to your unique needs and challenges. We can help you find the current and upcoming funding opportunities for your research and innovation. Once the most suitable instrument is identified, our team will explain the terms of the call, deadlines and how to participate. We offer technical support in assessing project proposals.

Planning and applying for grants

Calls for grant funding are competitive and require specific technical preparation to participate effectively. Our team consists of professionals in the design, management and analysis of the fundability of your projects. Our calls for proposals and funding consultancy will support you throughout the application process for participation in the identified call for proposals.

Execution of activities and project management

Our consultancy continues with the design of the interventions, the monitoring of the timing of the implementation of the investments, the organization and coordination of activities, the selection of highly qualified professionals to carry out the activities, thus arriving at the final evaluation of the interventions. You will get assistance and support throughout the duration of the project, up to the disbursement of funding.

3. Administrative management and reporting

Once the project is concluded, we take care of the collection and verification of all project documentation, both technical and administrative, preparing the final reporting and application for funding. We manage all aspects required by the closed call for proposals and also provide support for any supplementary requests, verifications or on-site visits, following our clients until the project process is concluded.

Design and implementation of management planning and control systems
Introduction of budgeting and management reporting systems
Design of industrial accounting systems
Business portfolio analysis
Financial analysis and planning
Strategic planning (business plan)


An internationalization strategy is based on specific figures and a structured program of one to three years. We provide companies with a Contract Manager who has direct knowledge of international markets and chooses to be supported by a Temporary Export Manager when necessary. The services offered range from the development of business relationships and introduction into the correct distribution channels, to the definition of suitable products and the identification of the best logistics, the right price, and the best payment terms. We facilitate a direct relationship with foreign buyers, chains and customers, as well as the development of relationships with potential ones.

Management Control

We want to be indispensable in directing the management of the business toward the achievement of the corporate objectives established during the strategic business planning phase, ensuring that the economic resources and production factors available to the company are used effectively and efficiently with respect to the pre-set objectives. Our management control is able to highlight, through the measurement of appropriate KPIs, the deviation between planned objectives and achieved results and, if necessary, report appropriate corrective actions. Today, any company needs to anticipate future management developments by introducing governance, monitoring and evaluation tools, preparing appropriate countermeasures toward the potentially negative consequences of certain events.

Benchmarking analysis

By identifying industry best practices and comparing performance against them, benchmarking analysis is a powerful tool to gain an edge over your competitors. Benchmarking can identify reasons for gaps and factors needed to improve internal performance, highlighting what you need to become a leader in your market. The dimensions measured are quality, time and cost. This approach is used by companies to assess themselves against best practices implemented by other companies, usually within a similar group defined for comparison purposes, to develop plans on how to make improvements or incorporate specific practices, usually aiming at increasing their own performance. It is an ongoing, cyclical and dynamic process that is constantly monitored.

Business development plans

A business development plan is a strategic document that all companies should have, as it allows defining the goals, the objective and the stages that will foster the development of the company, thus helping to define the most useful and beneficial activities for the business. Without this document it becomes complex to define the most useful and advantageous activities for the company. In the development plan we identify your vision, mission and strategic goals. The projection of the future scenario must reflect values, ideals and aspirations.