By studying emerging trends and potential industry issues, we can open the door to untapped potential within your business strategy to allow modernisation and growth. We have helped companies align their investment strategy, unlock additional value and ensure the automation of processes and human experiences that create sustainable, long-term impact.

A business accelerator is a program that aims to accelerate business development. It is generally structured around a “curriculum” of advice designed to support entrepreneurs in various activities in exchange for a percentage of equity. The goal is to get selected companies to take the leap, making them attractive for a Venture Capital or enabling them to tap into the external startup ecosystem. Furthermore, we focus on creating a conducive ecosystem by providing physical space and shared resources.

Digital transformation

Improving the business model from a customer approach based on the concept of “customer utility” is one of the highlights of our service. We offer accurate and customer-oriented management by designing tailored solutions to foster growth.

Announcement and Financing

With our advisory service for calls for proposals and funding, we will accompany you in analyzing your business development priorities, combining them with available financial incentives to maximize growth opportunities.