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Turn your idea into a thriving business with the support of a multidisciplinary firm that can offer you all-around advice in the definition, planning and acceleration phases of your project.

Sales & Marketing

We rethink business models, digital advertising and monitor performance. We specialize in marketing strategies, defined through fully customized and immersive customer journeys. We support clients in designing the business model with the aim of increasing the target market, developing the sales network and defining the processes that support it. Outlining the potential for improving the business model from a customer approach based on the concept of "customer utility" is one of the main Business Consulting services. Through careful, customer-oriented management, tailored solutions are designed together with end customers (or referred to customer segments) to increase their market and, by extension, the supplier company's market as well. We carry out a business analysis and approach customers with flexible processes to deliver value, increase the value-added time salespeople devote to “real” sales activities, and reduce the "cycle time" of sales. The sales and distribution network is the "touch point" closest to the customer, so it must be aligned with the business strategy to convey the brand's values and strengths to the market.

Announcement and Financing

Space Up supports startups in their financing journey through integrated equity and soft loans.

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